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100 proven strategies
for sales and marketing.

This book will become your PIN for the cash machine
you will be able to draw money
from whenever you need.

This book was created to give you tools and strategies, the implementation of which will take your business to a higher level.
We created it in such a way as to gather in one place CONCRETE and PRACTICAL recommendations that you can – without a shadow of a doubt – implement in your company.

We have described CONCRETE strategies, methods and case studies, ready to be implemented in your business!

„Sell more” will help you increase your sales skills in such areas as:

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on the move

„Entrepreneur on the move” is a result of collecting experiences, making mistakes and learning from being an entrepreneur and travelling at the same time

A book for every entrepreneur who runs a business but also wants to be able to travel around the world with it.

„Entrepreneur on the move” will guide you to learn the following:

  • how to travel without harming your business?
  • how travelling can help you optimize costs in a company?
  • how to start changing the style of your life and work into a traveler kind?
  • what reduces fixed costs of running a business?
  • how to work comfortably while traveling?
  • how to make traveling inexpensive?
  • how to create a virtual infrastructure that will allow you to manage your company in Poland?
  • how to work online and get offline results?
  • what „workation” means?
  • and many other valuable strategies, lessons and recommendations
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Your Business
is getting away

„Your Business is getting away” is a record of my experiences, reflections, insights and the most important, valuable lessons life taught me over the years.

The lessons included extremely stormy experiences, full of successes, but also failures difficult to accept. Thanks to my triumphs, I’ve gained confidence and reassured myself that I have tremendous driving force. I have gained humility through my failures, which allows me to remember that I have no monopoly to be right and I cannot always predict future events.

„Your Business is getting away” will teach you:

  • what the „going light” philosophy is.
  • how to assess whether what you have in your „backpack” is something you actually want or need, or rather what you think you should have in it.
  • why you should exercise your „creativity muscle”.
  • how to use this training to become „a machine for generating ideas”.
  • how to keep cheerful.
  • the trick is to remain cheerful even when it seems impossible. And yet it is possible – you can learn it.
  • how to survive defeat and make it work in your favor.
  • You will find out what you can do, when everything goes wrong or not the way you had planned, and what action to take to benefit from it anyway.
  • How to validate ideas.
  • How to verify the effectiveness of your business ideas at no cost and consequently reduce to almost zero the risk of failure.
  • What the benefits of questioning the status quo are?
  • Sometimes going against the tide, contrary to what everyone around you says, leads to places you have never dreamt of before and opens up completely new possibilities for you.
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How to deal with failure (not only) in business

In this book, I present my experiences and lessons for you to implement in your life, in order to be able to deal with failures that occur in the life of every (but not only) entrepreneur faster.

Who is this book for?
This book is for people who:

  • had or still have a problem with recovering their full business efficiency
  • are facing difficult business decisions
  • have financial difficulties due to previous wrong business decisions
  • are going through emotional struggle trying to get back in the game
  • want to protect themselves against business difficulties that almost every entrepreneur will probably face at some point

From this book you will learn the following:

  • how to bypass the business pitfalls that most people who lose their businesses fall into
  • how not to lose faith in yourself when everyone around you did long ago
  • where to draw strength from and how to rebuild your will to fight
  • how to re-create your life (not just business) and take care of yourself to be able to take care of others
  • how to find the right advisors
  • how to protect yourself against making the same mistakes again
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Caution! You read this book on your own responsibility!

We give you the most unusual, the strangest and and the craziest book that we have created so far at OSMpower! This book reveals completely how we operate at OSMpower. You will learn our secrets, secret strategies and everything that drives us and makes us work with POWER every day.

What is more, having read that book, you will never face problems with motivation, inspiration or … action again.

Too good to be true? Well, we did warn you, didn’t we? The POWERbook is both a book, a guide with exercises and tips, and a notebook so that you can READ AND TAKE ACTION even more effectively, i.e. put the knowledge from the books into practice.

What is inside?

  • 10 principles of taking action with POWER at OSMpower – described in the form of our best articles and completely new texts;
  • A workbook with other principles and tips from us, who we learn from and how we ourselves implement these principles;
  • Additional resources, which help us plan activities on daily basis;
  • More space for notes regarding other OSMpower books as well as the ones by other authors and publishers that you will find yourself reading

We have decided to print only 500 copies, each of which has its own unique number (from 1 to 500). Hurry! Only 500 people will be able to use this POWERbook!

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The Predator

Do you know Marcin Osman and Rafał Mazur, the authors of this book?

If so, you may have come across their series of conversations „Rozmowy o drapieżnictwie”  (translated to Conversations about predation) on the Internet. It is on their basis that this book was created. Especially for readers, it has been supplemented with additional content and chapters, as well as bonus materials that you will gain access to by purchasing this item.

The aim of the „Conversations about predation” series was to raise recurring topics and debunk the myths that keep people in action. It was about showing something that would be strict and honest, and that would force people to reject their limiting beliefs. It worked out, because both authors still receive e-mails and private messages from recipients who moved from the spot thanks to the topics discussed.

In this book you will tackle the myths and different approaches related to:
– motivation;
– self-confidence and self-esteem;
– giving up, letting go, falling and getting up (or lying down);
– passion;
– resistance;
– relationships and acceptance;
– authorities;
– fear, comfort zone and confrontation;
– goals and direction in life;
– and sales.

It is also about „stupid love”, Superman, Switzerland, Felix Dennis, sports, slimming and healing wounds.

The book, like YouTube talks, is designed in such a way that it can be used in a non-chronological way. In other words, you can start with the topic that interests you most. You can browse the table of contents or browse through it for the entry that interests you.

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